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  i   Cloudy - the state of the sky when 7/10ths or more of the sky is covered by clouds. 

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Sun, 21 Dec 2014 07:42:00 GMT
Temperature: 32.0 °F / 0.0 °C
Humidity: 82%
Dew Point: 27.0 °F / -2.8 °C
Pressure: -9999.00 in / -338566.1 mb
Wind: SSE 21.0 mph
Precipitation: -9999.00 in
Latitude: 41.347969
Longitude: -114.805611
Elevation: 6282 ft


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  i   Zulu time - Same as UTC, Universal Coordinated Time. Is is called Zulu because Z is often appended to the time to distinguish it from local time. 
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