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  i   High Wind Warning - Issued when sustained winds from 40 to 73 mph are expected for at least 1 hour; or any wind gusts are expected to reach 58 mph or more. 

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Mon, 22 Dec 2014 07:40:16 GMT
Temperature: 28.3 °F / -2.1 °C
Humidity: 83%
Dew Point: 23.8 °F / -4.6 °C
Pressure: 30.32 in / 1026.6 mb
Wind: NW 0.0 mph
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Latitude: 39.239521
Longitude: -76.707947
Elevation: 221 ft


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  i   Tail Cloud - A low tail-shaped cloud extending outward from the northern quadrant of a wall cloud. Motions in the tail cloud are toward the wall cloud with rapid updraft at the junction of tail and wall cloud. This horizontal cloud is not a funnel or tornado. 
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