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  i   Drifting snow - Uneven distribution of snowfall caused by strong surface winds. Drifting snow does not reduce visibility. 

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Sat, 23 Aug 2014 01:31:13 GMT
Temperature: 73.2 °F / 22.9 °C
Humidity: 85%
Dew Point: 68.4 °F / 20.2 °C
Pressure: 29.99 in / 1015.5 mb
Wind: SE 7.0 mph
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Latitude: 39.239521
Longitude: -76.707947
Elevation: 221 ft


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  i   Cap (or Capping Inversion) - A layer of relatively warm air aloft (usually several thousand feet above the ground) which suppresses or delays the development of thunderstorms. Air parcels rising into this layer become cooler than the surrounding air, which inhibits their ability to rise further. As such, the cap often prevents or delays thunderstorm development even in the presence of extreme instability. 
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