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  i   Dryline - A boundary which separates warm, dry air from warm, moist air. The differences in the two air masses may be significant. The dry line is usually a boundary of instability along which thunderstorms form. 

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Fri, 31 Oct 2014 00:00:21 GMT
Temperature: 51.4 °F / 10.8 °C
Humidity: 66%
Dew Point: 40.4 °F / 4.7 °C
Pressure: 30.03 in / 1016.8 mb
Wind: WNW 0.0 mph
Precipitation: 0.01 in
Latitude: 39.239521
Longitude: -76.707947
Elevation: 221 ft


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  i   Gust Front - The leading edge of the downdraft from a thunderstorm. A gust front may precede the thunderstorm by several minutes and have winds that can easily exceed 80 mph. 
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