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  i   PVA - Positive Vorticity Advection. Advection of higher values of vorticity into an area, which often is associated with upward motion (lifting) of the air. PVA typically is found in advance of disturbances aloft (i.e., shortwaves), and is a property which often enhances the potential precipitation. 

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Sat, 19 Apr 2014 04:35:35 GMT
Temperature: 54.5 °F / 12.5 °C
Humidity: 72%
Dew Point: 46.4 °F / 8.0 °C
Pressure: 29.68 in / 1005.0 mb
Wind: NE 1.6 mph
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Latitude: 34.082401
Longitude: -94.024902
Elevation: 502 ft

  i   Steering Winds (Steering Currents) - A prevailing synoptic scale flow which governs the movement of smaller features embedded within it. 
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