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  i   Scud Clouds - Small, ragged, low cloud fragments that are unattached to a larger cloud base and often seen with and behind cold fronts and thunderstorm gust fronts. Such clouds generally are associated with cool moist air, such as thunderstorm outflow. 

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Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:19:54 GMT
Temperature: 40.8 °F / 4.9 °C
Humidity: 98%
Dew Point: 41.0 °F / 5.0 °C
Pressure: 29.68 in / 1005.0 mb
Wind: East 2.5 mph
Precipitation: 0.04 in
Latitude: 34.082401
Longitude: -94.024902
Elevation: 502 ft

  i   Orographic Lift - The lifting of air as it passes over terrain features such hills or mountains. This can create orographic clouds and/or precipitation. 
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